Monday, May 21, 2012

What is normal digestion?

Ideal Digestion

It is a question that is asked to every patient that walks into a Chinese Medicine consultation. What is happening with your digestion? Bloating, reflux, rumbling stomach, pain, belching, gas, loose bowels, sluggish bowels, constipation. These are problems that are very common, and are often playing a central role in what is keeping someone from getting better on their own.

Even if the problem is a sore neck, headaches, insomnia or infertility. 

It's not the thing that comes to mind when you're coming in to have something else treated, however if you can't absorb nutrients from your food, if there is inflammation that is causing you to chew through nutrients faster than you can get them in, if there are unwelcomed guests living in your digestion that are generating toxic by-products that are distracting your liver from detoxifying the other chemicals that you're exposed to in your life - well then you're gonna have to fix that in order to get well and STAY well.

So what does an ideal digestive system do? It goes a little something like this:

- you don't eat because it helps to stave off an acidic feeling 

- you don't crave sugary foods, chocolate or bread
- you have adequate saliva in your mouth to help you chew your food
- after swallowing your food you don't feel uneasy in your stomach
- there is no feeling of being bloated, or that you need to let your belt out a notch
- you don't feel tired or zoned out after eating a meal
- your concentration doesn't deteriorate after a meal
- you may have a very mild or subtle feeling that your digestion is processing your food
- there are no loud rumbling sounds emanating from your stomach
- between 30-60 minutes after eating you should feel the need to pass a bowel movement. There is no pain or discomfort before or after, there is no strong odour, the stool is fully formed, and your bowel feels completely empty

Doesn't sound like you? If you are missing out on even one factor in the above list it could be a sign that the way your digestive system operates could be playing a larger role in your current health concern than you realise.

Fix Your Digestion
A Chinese Medicine practitioner can assist by performing acupuncture, prescribing herbal medicines, advising on vitamins and supplements that could be useful or ones that are HARMFUL and should be avoided. 
Lifestyle and dietary advice is essential to prolonged and sustained improvement in your condition, and your practitioner can assist you to become aware of and make the changes that are going to be the best for YOU. There are no one-size-fits-all approaches to sustaining optimum health, and Chinese Medicine makes suggestions according to your specific diagnosis.

Amazing Digestion
Sorting out what is going on with your digestion can make such a difference to energy levels, stamina, mood and overall wellbeing, as well as sometimes helping to improve other seemingly unrelated problems. Patients often report that they didn't even realise how good they could feel. We really encourage you to explore what's possible for your body.

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