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Lose weight naturally and keep it off with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Australia is now one of the top countries in the world that suffers from obesity. Recent studies estimate that more than half of all Australian women (52%) and two-thirds of men (67%) are overweight or obese. That is almost 60% of the adult population in Australia. Rates of childhood obesity in Australia are also at one of the highest amongst developed nations. ‘15.2% of Australian preschoolers are estimated to be overweight and 5.5% obese’

With these alarming statistics, Australians are beginning to look into ways of lowering their weight permanently and taking their health, and their children’s health seriously.

How does being overweight affect your health?

There are over thirty serious medical concerns related to obesity. Obesity takes its toll on the entire body. Some of these issues include:
Sleep Apnea
Fatty Liver Disease
Chronic headaches
High Blood pressure, hypertension
High blood cholesterol
Diabetes Type 2
Congestive heart failure
Heart disease
Gallstones and gallbladder disorders
Some types of cancer -such as endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon
Complications of pregnancy
Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome
Bladder control problems
Varicose veins
Metabolic Syndrome

What is Metabolic syndrome?
Many people find they carry excess weight only around their belly. Belly fat, or visceral fat, is dangerous as it lies deep in your abdomen, surrounds your organs and secretes toxic hormones. 
The liver, your body's detox center, also seriously suffers if you have too much abdominal fat. "When the liver gets infiltrated with this fat, it can have a harder time filtering out harmful substances” (3). This can lead to toxic build up in the body, mood disorders, fatigue and many other health concerns.

Do I have Metabolic Syndrome?
If you have a waist circumference greater than 102 cm (men) or 88cm (women), you may be suffering from metabolic syndrome.

                            Ways losing weight will benefit your health:
               Increased energy level
                            Lower your cholesterol levels
               Reduce your blood pressure
               Reduced aches and pains
               Improved mobility
               Improve your breathing
               Help you sleep better and wake more rested
               Prevention of angina, chest pain caused by decreased oxygen to the heart
               Decreases your risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke
               Prevention of Type 2 diabetes
  Improved blood sugar levels
Improve self esteem and quality of life
Losing weight with Traditional Chinese medicine
With all the associated health risks with being overweight why not begin on your path towards a longer, more energetic and healthier life, by going on a natural weight loss program today?
Learn how to regain insulin sensitivity through dietary changes and other natural methods, and how to resolve sugar cravings by utilising natural therapies.

Chinese medicine tailors a program to suit every body type, whilst treating underlying health concerns, aiding your body’s natural ability to loose weight with dietary planning, acupuncture and herbal supplementation.

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