Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutritional Supplements during Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Multivitamins
Many women choose to take one of the well branded multi-vitamins when they are pregnant or breastfeeding. These supplements can be ok provided that:
-         no deficiency existed prior
-         all food is organic and actually contains the nutrients that it ought to (most Australian soils are depleted of zinc and other vital nutrients)
-         your digestion is working at 100% efficiency
-         your life has zero stress and you don’t live in a city with pollution

Clinically we see that most women have each of these 4 factors working against them in their pregnancy, and they can very quickly show the signs of vitamin/mineral deficiency. Waiting until the signs of deficiency have appeared mean that we have already lost the opportunity for optimal nutrition for your unborn child throughout pregnancy – therefore we act preventatively when recommending nutritional supplements to ensure you are making the most STUNNING baby possible, not just any old baby made from what is leftover after a busy, stressful life.

To achieve optimal pregnancy and breastfeeding nutrition, additional nutrients need to be supplemented. Below is a table that shows the nutritional levels of Elevit, and the supplements you should take to meet the recommended levels described earlier.

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