Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chronic Fatigue - Part 2

Chronic Fatigue

CFS consists of persistent fatigue unrelated to exertion, and not relieved efficiently by rest. It is also accompanied by the presence of other specific symptoms which range from neurological, immunological, and endrocrinoligical for a minimum of six months.

Issues that arise in CFS sufferers are that they can place unrealistic demands or expectations on themselves. Eg “I don’t want to be alone, or “I don’t want to be board”. Or they may have negative connotations’ around not doing anything productive.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) combined with Nutrition is one of the best treatment therapies for CFS. TCM tailors every treatment to the individual, and takes all factors such as environmental, mental and social into account. TCM not only treats the physical body, by boosting immunity and digestive capabilities in CFS, but can also treat underlying emotional upsets that may be exacerbating the condition.

Acupuncture, herbs and diet reinforce each other. Acupuncture reprograms the body and the herbs support that reprogramming.

A low stress diet is a simple diet that consists of foods that contain no artificial colours, preservatives, Salicylates , Amines or flavor enhancers, takes into consideration foods you may have a sensitivity or intolerance to, is easily digestible, nutritionally advantageous to boost immunity and generating energy, and also aids in clearing toxins from the system.

Even though many patients have been debilitated by CFS for many years, TCM looks at a recovery rate in 6 to 12 months of treatment.


Taking a closer look at what we eat is crucial for CFS suffers, or getting back into the kitchen and taking control over what goes into our meals.

A useful tool to return to home style cooking, and cutting out the time of cooking every meal may be helpful by using a Thermomix. This machine chops and cooks meals in minutes. Preparation is cut from minutes to seconds and cooking is gentle ensuring the flavours, vitamins and minerals are locked into the food as the Thermomix cooks foods at such a low temperature that it does not denature your food. Through this process natural flavours are also enhanced.

Best of all, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing exactly what is going into everything you eat. If this machine is not for you, then try to put away more time in your life to dedicate to cooking.

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